ELEGRAD provides holistic, proprietary solutions.

Our Services

Digital Presence, Marketing, Automations, Data and Education.

Digital Presence & Marketing Systems

Since 2005, we have advised different companies and organizations and have helped them gain more traction as a result. We have built since then dozens of cost-efficient websites and web applications, praised for their stability and expandability.

We provide you with top class self hosted tools to assist your marketing strategy. We help you own your data and streamline your onboarding processes.

Online Communities

We provide a powerful, yet simple and elegant user interface for your members & students, that is centred around them and your content.

We give you the flexibility, control and freedom that you need to launch and scale a successful online community / business, without being held back by a closed system such as typical SaaS platforms.

Business Automation Systems

We assist you on turning your paper forms, lists, follow-up calls and emails into efficient workflows, securely stored on your own server. Shorten your business cycle times, improve transparency & increase flexibility.

Our solution is suitable for any business process, with easy compliance with data privacy regulations. Involve anyone in the process, from customers to suppliers and employees. Improve communication and reduce confusion.

Data Management & Digital Repositories

From Data collection to cloud storage and management we work with you to plan a custom strategy and solution based on your data needs. Social and Open data are stored and processed on cloud servers, accessible through APIs and custom live report pages.

On top of all these, we give you a complete Digital Repository System for your data. An ideal solution for cultural and government organizations and institutions. We even go further by timestamping your data through EOS.IO blockchain, a protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS.

Notable Clients