Participation in the “incubator” of ideas and actions in DIAZOMA – D_HUB the DMO support structure

In recent years, the DIAZOMA Association has been planning, with the assistance of all institutions and citizens of the country, Cultural and Environmental Routes and Archaeological Parks Programs, which aim to include monuments in the center of life and their connection with entrepreneurship, its production. primary sector and the digital world.

In this context, a special structure has already been set up at the “DIAZOMA” Association, by decision of the Board of Directors, headed by Mr. Evdokimos Fregoglou, Head of Diazomas Programs, which will support the operators of cultural tourism products and will help, where necessary, in order to ensure their perfect operation and sustainability.

ELEGRAD is participating in this structure with a representative, the CTO of Christos Chiotis, and has undertaken the design, implementation and maintenance of digital applications to support the operators of these tourism products.

In the above context, on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, we presented to the Board of Directors of the Association “DIAZOMA”, the project “Creation of digital tools to support the operating bodies (DMO) of Cultural Tourism products (Cultural Routes and Archaeological Parks), with a pilot application Cultural Route of the Ancient Theaters of Epirus “
The beginning was made with two digital platforms. One for business Cluster support and the other for DMO.

In the first we built a complete consulting platform, with access only to members and in the second a fully automated flow to help and monitor the integration of businesses in the Cluster of the route, as well as data collection tools from other websites, so that DMO can monitors a lot of information from a page.

More specifically, the executives of the above structure are:
Executives of the “DIAZOMA” Association: Mr. Maria Sofikitou and Maria Kourasani, archaeologists, responsible for content production (studies, research, etc.).

  • Mr. Nikos Stakias, Graduate of Applied Mathematics and Natural Sciences, responsible for the smooth operation of the Cluster,
  • Mr. Fotis Marangos, economist, responsible for the promotion and continuous marketing of the route,
  • Mr. Elias Hantzos, civil engineer, responsible for the training of the staff of the companies participating in the cluster,
  • Mr. Christos Chiotis, designer, CTO of the company ELEGRAD and responsible for the production of digital tools.