Kickoff meeting for MakerSpace of the Municipality of Athens

Services, events and an LMS system to support the seminars, as well as a booking system for the laboratory's workplaces and equipment.

On Monday, January 13, 2020, it took place at the offices of DAEM SA. (responsible for the management of external works and services of the Laboratory), our first meeting, for the start of construction of the website of the WHICH Laboratory.

This website, in addition to the information section on MakerSpace’s services and events, will include an LMS system to support the seminars, as well as a booking system for the laboratory’s workplaces and equipment. All of this will be available to registered users of the platform.

By the end of February, we intend to complete the platform in beta format, so that there is a short period of time for the necessary checks for good operation and debugging.

What is MakerSpace ?

The Municipality of Athens, aiming to operate as a modern local government organization, has created an innovative maker space, the WHO Laboratory. It is an open structure of experiential learning and creative experimentation with the technology that seeks to activate and support maker culture in our city, making the technology accessible, accessible and useful for everyone.

MakerSpace operates in a specially designed space of 290 sq.m. at the Serafion of the Municipality of Athens. It includes machines and digital design, printing and manufacturing tools (2 laser cutters, 2 3d printers, 1 CNC router, 1 vinyl cutter) as well as a variety of hand tools that allow people without specialization to learn experientially by constructing objects for daily and special use.