Operate smarter with automations​

Automate your business processes. Turn your email and spreadsheet chaos into secure, scalable and efficient workflow systems.


Involve Anyone: Customers, Suppliers or Employees

Assign Steps to Users, Roles, or Email Addresses. Assignees do not need a user account in order to participate in workflows.

Improve Communication and Reduce Confusion

Stop micro-managing. Keep everyone in the loop. Help internal teams focus more on the task and less on the process. Make it easy for customers and suppliers to participate in the workflow.

Scheduling & Expiration

Delay a workflow step until a specified date or until a specified period of time has elapsed; particularly useful when configuring a series of emails to drip feed content over a period of time.

Audit Trail

Keep track of who did what and when in the detailed Timeline and Activity Log. Includes comments, timestamps and step and status information.

Suitable for Any Business Process

Contract review / feedback / modification and approval,Medical supplies order process,Customer onboarding,Email course content dripping,University admissions application processing,Scientific research lab experiment proposal feedback loop and approval,Patient intake,Employee vacation requests,Employee travel requests,Purchase order approvals,Expense reimbursement,A Courier Dispatch System,Product order form approval,Multi-level job application process,ITIL-based Change Management Process,Security change requests,Student registration process,Product demo approval,A Simple CRM Application,Employee Onboarding,Overtime Approval,Mileage Reimbursement,Employee and Emergency Contact Information,Meal Waivers,WordPress account and site creation approvals,An End-to-End Online Reservation System

Feedback & Review Loops

Modify forms before approval

Implement review loops allowing users to edit their values before re-submitting for approval. Use workflow conditional logic to branch the process or skip steps.

Powerful & Flexible

Over 40 different step types

Steps include approval, user input / edit, notification, webhooks and integration triggers for third-party services.

Customized Front-end

Operate every task from your website's front-end

Display the UI in the front-end or use the built-in admin pages to list pending tasks, view entry details, workflow forms and the status of submissions.

100% Open Source Foundation

Based on WordPress, the top platform for any web project, used by more than 30% of the websites and apps online.

Third Party Integrations

It connects to a big list of third-party services to handle actions during any step of the process. Paypal, Stripe, Zapier, Twilio, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and others.

GDPR-Ready & Tokens

Being GDPR-Ready and by using tokenized URLs in all steps, it guarantees that all data are safe and no person outside of the assignees will take action.

Ready to automate your business processes?

Turn your email and spreadsheet chaos into secure, scalable and efficient workflow systems.

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