Athens Film Office

Based in the world’s cradle of democracy, theater and story telling, Athens Film Office provides an array of free services that will facilitate your production needs.

A division of EATA (the City company for touristic development), AFO provides the following free services with the basic aim of transforming Athens into a Film Friendly City.

The time period when the project was implemented was from 01/04/2020 to 30/07/2020.

The design of the website was completed in two phases.

First phase

In this phase we collected material from respective websites and organizations from around the world in order to determine the design style of the website, but also to compile a basic sitemap on which to develop its content.


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Second phase

After the analysis of the trends, the basic design of the website was made, with the choice of color scheme and fonts that are not foreign to the thematic object of the website. Then the design of the basic templates was completed, which will play the role of “templates” for each different type of content that you invite the website to present to its visitor.


The font used is Agape. A font we created back in 2014. A sans-serif, neo-grotesque Helvetica alternative.

Screenshot 2020.07.27 15 43 35

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With the completion of the design, the process of developing the management (backend) as well as the basic templates for the frontend of the website began. Based on the demands of the times, but mainly on the Greek National Digital Strategy, which requires the use of open source software for all applications / websites in the public sector, the WordPress platform was used to develop the content management system.

During the installation of the WordPress platform, the required configuration was completed, which was necessary to support the database for professionals and businesses, but also for the selected sites.

Data and Content

Along with the development of the application, information was collected for the recording and publication of the required procedures for the issuance of film licenses. For this purpose, information was collected on Archaeological sites, on areas under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Athens and on Public Transport.

The facilities provided by the National Cinema Center, through a letter, were also developed, as well as the assistance and guidance provided by the General Secretariat of Information and Communication of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, to foreign television crews.

Electronic Application System

For the purposes of digitizing all procedures and better monitoring of applications, we have developed an electronic film request submission system, as well as a separate system for submitting an application for a financial offer for hospitality services in Athens.

The system supports interoperability between systems and can be further developed and support workflow between the various departments / services of the Municipality.