Our mission is to provide customizable software
to every business and organization
and reduce technical and financial barriers


ELEGRAD provides holistic, proprietary solutions in five sectors. They are targeting Digital Presence, Marketing, Automations, Data and Education.


We consider ourselves Open Data Ambassadors and every project we design and develop has the reusability and interoperability of data as a basic principle.

Our partnerships

We have worked in many government website and web application projects, in Governance, Agricultural, Communities and Tourism sectors. Some of our clients are: the City of Athens, Prefecture of Central Greece, Prefecture of Epirus, Prefecture of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

We are involved in several cultural tourism projects, in cooperation with the Diazoma Association as member of D_HUB, a multidisciplinary dedicated team, and apart of various websites for them, we have planned, designed and developed Destination Management Systems and online communities for Business Clusters with e-learning, conference and consultation capabilities.

We also serve these institutions and organizations as technical advisors in their internet strategy and their digital transformation needs.

Notable Clients