We believe that an app must be flexible to adapt to your business


We founded ELEGRAD to make custom software for every business by rethinking the way it is created. Our goal is to dramatically lower the technical and financial barriers to building technical products.

Web Applications are a necessity to modern businesses

In a modern environment, time and effiency is key. We move in a software-powered economy. Businesses with improved digital capabilities are moving ahead of the competition. They transform the way we shop, work or travel. They create their own communities.

How we build our solutions

We do not try to reinvent the wheel

We build using established frameworks. We use WordPress and a proprietary library of add-ons instead of coding from scratch. Each step is designed to reduce the time, cost, and effort required to create great tech products.

We believe in Open-Source

Open-source software is our first choice. From the frameworks we use, to the foundation of our hosting infrastructure. They have many advantages like flexibility, agility and security. Not to mention they are cost effective. Open source is the future of all online businesses.

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